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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Dottie Branch

Dottie Branch Dottie grew up in Walton County Georgia surrounded by clear breezes, home-grown vegetables, and fishing. Pine trees were taller than buildings and rain was so fierce it shook the ground. Pigs had names and dogs never needed sleep. A stretch of highway 78 moved like an escalator to an endless floor and Dottie imagined what it would be like to hop on and never get off.

Self-taught is an understatement. The process, still, amazes her with its enlightening and unaware arrival at locales unforeseen. Her work is about preserving a silence that not only speaks but is about the interaction between the human experience and the god called Nature.

"My landscapes are inspired by the vastness, the beauty and complexity of environments which create spiritual connections between what is viewed and what is felt . . . imagined or authentic. I am inspired by the obvious, the simple shapes and forms of life as it was handed down to us. I am inspired by the coo of the wind as well as the darkness of isolation, of being separate while together. The movement and character of stillness excites my brush. The subject of Nature and Landscapes explore the primary themes in my work, those of transcendence and acceptance for the impermanent nature of the known as well as the unknown. As I sit inside my work, I wish to remain invisible as its viewers explore the "we" of reflection and of being one with the Universe."

Dottie has written book reviews, corporate papers and a novel, which graces only her shelf and changed her life. She is influenced by the drama she found on stage at the University of Tampa, by the principles harbored as she completed a graduate degree in Oral Communications from the University of South Florida. This training was the cornerstone of her ability to understand the interplay between what is said and what is felt, what is experienced and what is visible, what is light and what is dark.

Her classical education in interpersonal dynamics became intuitive as she taught undergraduates to see and view the world and taught herself to express the emotion she found in nature and the view that challenged her to live inside herself.

A twenty year successful career as a Corporate Marketing Executive was foremost in nurturing her identity as an isolationist and in visiting upon her, along with Julia Cameron, the fact that without creative expression she would cease to exist.

Her work is found in both public and private collections. Dottie lives and works as dbranchreeves, the artist, in Queens.